We Do The Compliance Work.
You Focus On Your Business.

What We Do

We help Investment Advisers and Private Funds increase their productivity by simplifying and resolving the complexities of compliance.

SEC and FINRA requirements are constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex. Regulation is meant to protect investors, but it has placed a heavy burden on financial service firms. Successfully meeting the myriad of compliance obligations requires access to expertise, clear advice and practical solutions. Our services are designed to alleviate the compliance burden, enabling you to focus on your business and increase your productivity.

Our Services

The Compliance Partner You Keep

An effective compliance program is dynamic and should constantly evolve in response to changing regulatory requirements, business risks, new product offerings and new technology.  Compliance management is complex and requires valuable time that would be better spent on your primary business activities. We understand these dynamics and know how to streamline your compliance activities to help you stay focused on growing your business.

Our process begins with a comprehensive discovery phase designed to give us a clear understanding of your business model, related risks, and compliance needs. After completing this assessment, we design and help implement an effective compliance program that enables you to meet your regulatory requirements.

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The 38 Compliance Difference

Once your compliance program is in place, we will serve as your outsourced partner, taking on various compliance functions. We can manage your entire compliance program as well as take on other time-consuming tasks. You can determine the level of our involvement.
If your firm has not filed for registration with the SEC, FINRA, or state regulatory authorities, we will prepare and file registration applications with the appropriate regulators to ensure your firm and representatives are properly registered to conduct business.
We go beyond advice, partnering with you to deliver hands-on compliance support to free up your time to focus on your clients.
We are the outsourced compliance solution ensuring that financial institutions have an efficient and effective strategy to manage their compliance needs.

We are the outsourced compliance solution for financial institutions who need efficient and effective strategies to manage their most critical compliance needs.